Prolific Writer: The Holy Grail of Creative Writing

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A modern-day superpower that allows you to communicate your message with fluidity.

The only problem?

We weren't taught this skill growing up.

The writing as we know it falls flat in the real world.

Obsessing over word choice, grammar & syntax may get you an 'A' on your school assignment.

But in the real world? If that is your only focus, then you will be laughed out of the building.

‘Then what does work in the real world?’’

Creative writing.

It is when you use the technology of words with more fluidity.

If you were to ask me what is the finest piece of technology ever created…

I would not say it was the internet, smartphone, or car.

‘Oh yea, then what would you say bucko?!’

I would say the finest piece of technology ever created was WORDS.

  • Words = Perception Programmers.

Not only can you program your own perception, but you can also program the perception of others.

Influence 101.

Creative writing is to humans as to what coding is for computers.

The beauty?

ANYONE can learn it.

It does not matter if you are black, white, woman, man, short, tall etc.

If you have the DESIRE to become a genius with words, then you are able to learn the skillset of creative writing.

The question is, what kind of journey would you like to create?

The Prolific Writer is the human who has no rules with their writing.

Their writing is simply limited by their imagination.

Writing is when you work with the mind. How well you exercise your mind is how well you will progress.

Your mind does not follow the same ruleset that is governed by physical entities. 

Creative writing allows for infinite growth & can take up different forms.

Water is capable of cleaning, hydrating, powering up a turbine to generate electricity.

  • Same water. Different uses.

Creative writing is capable of building a profitable business, writing a book, texting that cute girl, growing a global following, teaching,entertaining & much more.

  • Same skill. Different uses.

In the Prolific Writer, you will Learn:

  • The History of Writing
  • The fundamentals of storytelling
  • Systematically reaching a flow state
  • Creating a voice
  • How to be an engaging writer
  • Brand building
  • Bonus Section on Creative Writing exercises

And much more.

What Others Are Saying:


-Tatsuya Nakagawa, COO, Castagra Products.


-Bishal Sarmat, General Manager, GrowHealthy


-@LifeMathMoney, Entrepreneur & Writer


-Rafael Castro, COO, Graystone Investment Group


-Abdul-Qawiyy, Direct Response Marketer and E-commerce consultant


-Sabith Maliackal, CEO of Kashmir Nutrition Supplements Company

Table of Contents


  • The Birth of the Prolific Writer
  • My Story with Creative Writing
  • What to Expect from this Book

Part 1: The Importance of Writing

  • The History of Writing
  • Writing Influences Perception
  • Reticular Activating System
  • Writing Leads to Clear Thinking

Part 2: What is Creativity?

  • The Science of Creativity
  • Using Emotions to Leverage Creativity
  • Finding your Deeper Purpose
  • The Art of Storytelling

Part 3: What Do I Talk About?

  • The Myth of Writer’s Block
  • Multiple Intelligence Theory
  • Mining your Experiences
  • Developing a Love for Reading

Part 4: Creative Writing Framework

  • Creating your Voice vs Discovering your Voice
  • The Importance of a Journal
  • How Should you Journal
  • The Importance of Reading your Writing
  • Flow State

Part 5: Being an Engaging Writer

  • Engagement
  • Complexity-> Simplicity
  • Radiating Authenticity
  • Dialogue Creation
  • Taking Risks
  • Use of Humor
  • Edutainment
  • The Power of Evolution

Part 6: Brand Building

  • Building a Brand
  • What is a Brand? 
  • Intellectual Property
  • What is Media
  • Media Platforms
  • Which Platform Should You Choose? 

Closing Remarks

Bonus Section: Creative Writing Exercises


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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Prolific Writer: The Holy Grail of Creative Writing

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