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Speaking Wizard: The Magical World of Public Speaking

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Speaking Wizard: The Magical World of Public Speaking

14 ratings

Speech Anxiety is ranked as the #1 fear on the planet.

But the question is: Why?

We often assume this random fact to be fate. But the question is, can we do something about it?

Can we control speech anxiety & become a skilled public speaker?

The answer is... yes.

The reason you have speech anxiety stems from many variables. But the main reason is that we were not taught proper speech frameworks growing up.

We were just expected to figure it out public speaking.

That's like me giving someone a car & telling them to drive...when they have NEVER stepped foot behind a driver's wheel.

That's silly.

Yet, we expect the masses to just figure out how to learn a skilled act like Public speaking.

I use to have massive speech anxiety. Due to being shy, I thought learning public speaking was a pipedream.

Until I was introduced to a club called Toastmasters.

Initially, I thought the club was all about breakfast. And can you blame me?? It has the word 'Toast' in it!

But later on, I learned that it was a club to develop speaking skills.

Since then, the journey has been a wild one.

  • During my time in Toastmasters, I graduated from a guest -> member -> mentor-> recruitment chair -> External Vice President.
  • I've choked speeches, done great speeches, participated in speech competitions, spoke in conferences, gave keynote talks & much more.

'What was the main thing that you learned?'

The main thing I learned was that PUBLIC SPEAKING is a SKILL.

That means it can be learned, practiced, and mastered.

Take some time to digest the line above.

The NUMBER 1 fear on this planet is a skill? That means you have more power than you could have ever imagined champ.

In this book, I distill down years of public speaking principles into an easy to read entertaining book.

The Speaking Wizard is a legendary character in the Public Speaking world who enjoys giving speeches.

'Enjoys giving speeches? No way!'


And believe it or not, you have a Speaking Wizard within you.

'Me?? You're crazy bro!'

I'm not crazy. I'm being real.

Word Wizardry is a thing. 

And you will understand how letters & words can change your confidence levels to new heights.

Public Speaking is the Modern Day Hero's Journey.

Take up the path of the Speaking Wizard. 

Slay the #1 fear in the world HEAD ON.

And only then will you begin discovering the magical world of public speaking.

You will learn:

-Why Public Speaking is more important than ever.

-How to manage speech anxiety.

-The frameworks for building a speech.

-How to properly practice a speech.

-How to deliver a speech with swag.

-BONUS section on Toastmasters.

What Others Are Saying: 

I have given a couple of hundred presentations in the past 5 years and several speech competitions. I had to read multiple books and watch multiple videos to gain phenomenal public speaking skills. I wish I had something like Speaking Wizard to help me when I first started. Armani Talks is the real deal.


-Shelomo Solson, Former President of Suncoast Toastmasters, Founder of Teenage Impact

Read the Speaking Wizard ebook. It's a tremendous book and never come across such a public speaking book. The best part I loved was how it explained both your personal hardships and the way you overcame that. From outgrowing your anxieties to preparation on speech day, everything is so insightful.


-@MindMoneyFitness, Entrepreneur & Writer

This Speaking Wizard was a very practical & fun read. I have to do a lot of presentations for my job, so I found it highly useful. This book talked about topics like managing speech anxiety, how to build a speech & how to prepare. Great frameworks!


-Tanzin Fatima, Technical Service Document Editor

I recommend this ebook to enhance your skills, confidence and standing amongst friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Armani’s original methods are simple, powerful and massively effective. They will take you from novice, nervous speaker to dominating rooms with skill. Your audience will look at you in awe wondering how the heck you did it. Armani’s experience is relayed clearly and with friendly authenticity. The curve with this ebook is exponential and this is your ticket the top!


-Dan Charles, Engineer, Director & Entrepreneur

Speaking Wizard ebook is truly magical! I was immediately engaged in this ebook as if I was a child reading a Harry Potter book. It catches your attention and next thing you know…you are 35 pages deep within 15 minutes! Armani Talks really outdid himself with this ebook! Very simple and well written. My career deals with giving weekly presentations to many physicians and residents. This ebook not only provided me with great insight on how to be a better speaker and presenter, but also enabled me to be better at communicating with my patients at bedside! It’s definitely a universal book for all ages and all career paths! Also, the quotes by Armani Talks are the pearls of public speaking!


-Riasat Ali, 4th Year Medical School Student 

Table of Contents


  • Entering the Speaking Wizard World

Part 1: Why Public Speaking?

  • Why Public Speaking is more important than ever
  • Benefits of Public Speaking
  • The Speaking Wizard Mindset

Part 2: Speech Anxiety 

  • The #1 Fear on the Planet 
  • Reasons for Speech Anxiety
  • How to Reframe Speech Anxiety 

Part 3: Creating A Speech

  • Information Gathering
  • What do I talk About?
  • Objective Science & Subjective Science
  • How to Properly Brainstorm
  • 3 Elements of a Speech 

Part 4: Practicing a Speech

  • Practicing a Speech from Home
  • Body Language
  • Evaluation
  • 5 Times Rule
  • Visualization & Body Meditation

Part 5: Speech Day Etiquette 

  • The Big Day
  • Impact of the Speech Outfit
  • What to Eat?
  • Right Before you Get on Stage
  • Gratitude


  • Speaking Wizard World

BONUS: Insights on Toastmasters

  • What is Toastmasters?
  • My Experience with Toastmasters 
  • Pros and Cons of Toastmasters
  • Should You Join Toastmasters?

– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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