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Level Up Mentality Audiobook - How to Become More Confident

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Level Up Mentality Audiobook - How to Become More Confident

5 ratings

The Level Up Mentality is a mindset framework designed to help you maximize your confidence, clarity, and accountability. 

This is a confidence book for men, women, students, and much more who are currently looking to improve congruence in their behaviors.

Confidence is defined as intense belief. That confidence and self-esteem are only built from practice, discipline, and progression towards a targeted goal. This is not a transition that happens overnight, rather a transition that happens over time.

In the Level Up Mentality, you will learn:

✅ How to build self-confidence by building a life purpose.

✅ Competing with your prior day self & documenting your journey.

✅ How to design an alter ego.

✅ The difference between the conscious & subconscious mind.

✅ Frameworks on how to learn, build skills & teach others.

✅ Mind hacks to control your thoughts, actions & habits.

✅ Emotional intelligence principles to regulate destructive emotions into productive fuel.

✅ How to form relationships, build a tribe & navigate around toxic people.

✅ Strategies for chronicling your level-up journey to spread your message & build a legacy.

These are a few confidence commandments in this book that will help you continue to move forward in your path. After practical application, you will generate different thoughts that will help influence your behaviors for the best. Confidence and self-esteem are skillsets that can be learned, practiced, and mastered. The Level Up Journey is a journey only a few will take. And it is the modern-day's Hero Journey.


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Table of Contents

The Author's Preface

Part 1 - Darkness

Part 2 - Level Up Journey

Part 3 - Creating Your North Star

Part 4 - Controlling your Mind

Part 5 - Working With Your Emotions

Part 6 - How to Learn & Build Skills

Part 7 - Dealing With People

Part 8 - Creating a Legacy

Bonus Part 1: Life Laws & Lessons

Bonus Part 2: Cheat Codes & Mind Hacks


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