Charisma King - Level Up Your Social Skills

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If you break down your internal problems, you realize a lot of it stems from undermining your own confidence & overvaluing someone else's confidence. 

The game of competition & judgment ensues.

If you were to look into your anxious thoughts, you will notice a majority of them deal with humans in one way shape or form.

  • We are not afraid of failing.
  • We are afraid of being JUDGED for failing.

Therefore, most of our anxiety comes down to social anxiety. And it's hard to be a charismatic force when you are dealing with low self-worth. I've been there...

My personality was of a talkative kid growing up in the villages of Bangladesh. 

But taking a sudden move to the U.S changed me internally. I found it difficult to pick up the new language & cultural norms.

To add insult to injury, I was mocked relentlessly for my accent.

The next few years were a transition from being the Talkative Village Boy to the Shy Foreign Kid. A transition no one willingly wants to make.

It took YEARS to unlearn the concepts that were holding me back. 

Picture the most charismatic people you know.

They were some of the individuals who dealt with the most confusion.

What made those Charismatic people different?

The ability to ADAPT.

Charisma is not a finite act. It is a lifelong process.

Charisma is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, its a method of you discovering your own brand.

Charisma is not about looking out. It is about looking in...

How much work you do on your self-development will dictate how charismatic & authentic you come off to others.

The Charisma King is not like other social skills books. The game is not to learn a few little tricks and call it a day.

The game is to EVOLVE yourself on a BEING level.

  • The world does not want a watered-down version of you. 
  • The world wants to see you for who you truly were all along.

At a core level, we humans are charismatic creatures.

However, we have a bunch of junk, limiting beliefs & nerves blocking that.

At the core level, the plate is clean. When it gets dirty, we do not call the plate naturally dirty. We understand by some scrubbing, it will be good as new.

It's time to scrape off the limiting beliefs. Charisma was your birthright.

In the Charisma King, you will learn social skills concepts on: 

  • How to manage social anxiety.
  • What it means to be a Charisma King.
  • The elements of building a strong social circle.
  • Fundamentals of listening.
  • Socially unintelligent moves.
  • How to deal with haters.

And much more.

The Charisma King within you awaits to be unlocked.

Life is easier when you have people skills.

Now it's time to find out for yourself. 

What Others Are Saying: 


-Matt Stephens, Online Coach & Writer


-Zion Hopkins, University Student


-Matt Waugh, Industrial Relations Representative


-Danny Trombley, Filmmaker, Photographer & Designer


-Alex Clewlow, Personal Trainer


-Samuel Guydon, Web Developer & Brand Strategist

Table of Contents


Part 1: Working On You

  • Tackling the Heart of Charisma 
  • Signs of a Nice Guy
  • Why Being Selfish is a Good Thing
  • How to Stop being a Loner
  • Creating Your Voice
  • Is Introversion Holding You Back?
  • Are YOU Toxic?
  • The Importance of a Mission

Part 2: Social Anxiety

  • The Fear of People
  • Is Social Anxiety a Bad Thing?
  • The Spotlight Effect
  • Creativity to Overcome Social Anxiety
  • What do I say next?
  • Why You Compare Yourself to Others

Part 3: Charisma King 

  • Entering the World of Charisma
  • Signs of Charisma
  • Why Rejection is a Good Thing 
  • Dressing Like a Winner
  • The Power of Small Talk 
  • Providing Value to Others
  • The Importance of Empathy 
  • Spreading Good Vibes
  • How to Stop Caring about Opinions 

Part 4: Social Sins

  • How to NOT Be Charismatic
  • 10 Socially Unintelligent Moves
  • Do You Ramble?
  • Social Quirk: The Announcer
  • Irrelevant Questions
  • Whine City
  • Spotlight Jacking
  • Having a Sour Attitude

Part 5: Charismatic Social Moves

  • How to Move with Poise 
  • Body Language 101
  • Following Up with Others
  • The Art of a Joke
  • Strategic Silence
  • How to Deal with Unwanted Advice
  • Social Tactic: Selective Respect
  • Persuasion
  • The Art of Listening: Sponge vs Trampoline
  • How to Introduce Yourself 
  • Polarization

Part 6: Dealing With Negativity

  • Learning to be Unbothered
  • The Dark Sides of Charisma
  • Signs of a Snake
  • How to Deal with Snakes
  • Why you Shouldn’t Sweat the Hate
  • How to Respond to a Hater
  • How to Handle Disrespect
  • Explaining Yourself to Others: Do or Avoid? 

Part 7: Building Your Squad

  • The Social Creature
  • Social Filtration System
  • Truth about Loyalty 
  • Become A Better Networker
  • Is Approaching People Weird?
  • Tribe Building 101
  • Power of Rapport
  • How to Be a Good Friend 
  • Best Friends 
  • Digital Networking
  • Building Acquaintances 
  • Attracting the Right People into Your Life


– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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Charisma King - Level Up Your Social Skills

24 ratings
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