ArmaniTalks Bundle to Improve Communication Skills [Mindset, Public Speaking, Social Skills, Creative Writing]

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The ArmaniTalks Bundle:

This bundle pack is your starter kit to build your communication skills & level up your confidence. You will take an in-depth look into the world of soft skills to learn more about the mind, public speaking, social skills & storytelling.

The bundle pack consists of:

-Level Up Mentality: A Guide to Re-Engineer your Mindset for Confidence

-Speaking Wizard: The Magical World of Public Speaking

-Charisma King: Level Up Your Social Skills

-Prolific Writer: The Holy Grail of Creative Writing

🧠Level Up Mentality: A guide to Re-Engineer your Mindset for Confidence

The mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. In the Level Up Mentality, you will learn practical strategies to tame the mind & skyrocket your confidence.

In this book, you will learn concepts such as:

  • How to build self-confidence by building a life purpose, competing with your prior day self & documenting your journey.
  • How to design an alter ego.
  • The difference between the conscious & subconscious mind.
  • Frameworks on how to learn, build skills & teach others.
  • Mind hacks to control your thoughts, actions & habits.
  • Emotional intelligence principles to regulate destructive emotions into productive fuel.
  • How to form relationships, build a tribe & navigate around toxic people.
  • Strategies for chronicling your level up journey to spread your message & build a legacy

What Others Are Saying:

I have always struggled to finish books. It's not because I don't enjoy reading, but rather my short attention span. This book was such an enjoyable read that I made it to the end faster than anything else I have ever read. The author's perspective of reprograming your mind to make every day more successful than the day before is literally mind changing. LOL Which is the point of the book, right?? Anyway, definitely give this book a try. You will love it and you'll probably immediately find ways to become more successful like I did after I read it.


Joshua Comingore, Founder of Buddy Dog Walking Services

We’re taught a lot of knowledge that we can’t physically use. Armani has a knack to give us knowledge that we can implement immediately. This book is a cheat code.


Tashiem Jordan, Musician & DJ

Awesome book! Very simple & to the point. Has completely flipped the way I think upside down! I recommend anyone & everyone read this book! Great job!


 Ronald Rousseau II, University Student 

🎤Speaking Wizard: The Magical World of Public Speaking

Speech anxiety is the #1 fear in the world. Luckily, anyone can learn public speaking. In the Speaking Wizard, you get an easy to read guide on how to dominate the stage.

You will learn:

  • Why Public Speaking is more important than ever.
  • How to manage speech anxiety.
  • The frameworks for building a speech.
  • How to properly practice a speech.
  • How to deliver a speech with swag.
  • BONUS section on Toastmasters.

What Others Are Saying:

I have given a couple of hundred presentations in the past 5 years and several speech competitions. I had to read multiple books and watch multiple videos to gain phenomenal public speaking skills. I wish I had something like Speaking Wizard to help me when I first started. Armani Talks is the real deal.


-Shelomo Solson, Former President of Suncoast Toastmasters, Founder of Teenage Impact

Read the Speaking Wizard ebook. It's a tremendous book and never come across such a public speaking book. The best part I loved was how it explained both your personal hardships and the way you overcame that. From outgrowing your anxieties to preparation on speech day, everything is so insightful.


-@MindMoneyFitness, Entrepreneur & Writer

This Speaking Wizard was a very practical & fun read. I have to do a lot of presentations for my job, so I found it highly useful. This book talked about topics like managing speech anxiety, how to build a speech & how to prepare. Great frameworks!


-Tanzin Fatima, Technical Service Document Editor

👑Charisma King: Level Up your Social Skills

Charisma opens up a lot of opportunities. But social anxiety is holding us back. In the Charisma King, you'll learn evergreen social principles to unlock your people skills. 

In the Charisma King, you will learn social skills concepts on:

  • How to manage social anxiety.
  • What it means to be a Charisma King.
  • The elements of building a strong social circle.
  • Fundamentals of listening.
  • Socially unintelligent moves.
  • How to deal with haters.

And much more.

What Others Are Saying: 

If you want to be able to increase your charisma and want actionable steps on how then this is the one-stop-shop for you.


-Zion Hopkins, University Student

Charisma King shines a light on human nature and realizing that you are not alone in this world of complex social dynamics. This book truly helps take a complex subject and breaks it down into easily understood principles. I can't recommend this book enough.


-Danny Trombley, Filmmaker, Photographer & Designer

Charisma King is a very, VERY impressive book, and it's something that resonates with me quite deeply. He hits the nail on the head in the 'Spotlight Effect' chapter when talking about social anxiety. It's something that I had several years ago. You fear being the center of attention and having all eyes on you. But not only does he hit the nail on the head in terms of the problem, he also gives you the SOLUTIONS too. Very impressed.


-Alex Clewlow, Personal Trainer

✍️Prolific Writer: The Holy Grail of Creative Writing

Great writers create their future. In the Prolific Writer, you learn the fundamentals of creative writing to tell stories, communicate your message & build a bulletproof brand.

In the Prolific Writer, you will Learn:

  • The History of Writing
  • The fundamentals of storytelling
  • Systematically reaching a flow state
  • Creating a voice
  • How to be an engaging writer
  • Brand building
  • Bonus Section on Creative Writing exercises

And much more.

What Others Are Saying:

Great resource Arman. Your stories are entertaining and educational. Although the use of video is becoming more popular, the value of effective creative writing cannot be underestimated. Good work!


-Tatsuya Nakagawa, COO, Castagra Products.

An interesting work that will make you a better writer and person.


-@LifeMathMoney, Entrepreneur & Writer

Armani hits it out of the ballpark again! This is a must-read for any entrepreneur looking to take their business to the next level. Storytelling? Check. Creative and engaging writing? Check. Need to build your brand? Check again. It's as powerful and insightful as it gets. Bookmark it in your Favorites folder, you will come back to it over and over. #DimeloRafi


-Rafael Castro, COO, Graystone Investment Group

– ArmaniTalks 🎙️🔥

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ArmaniTalks Bundle to Improve Communication Skills [Mindset, Public Speaking, Social Skills, Creative Writing]

6 ratings
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